Whispering Woodworks

Black Walnut Side Table
This simple side table was built for the newly reconstructed distillery at George Washington's Mount Vernon.   Based on historical evidence, a similar table was located in the distillery assistant's bedchamber.  The table was designed in the style of several existing examples of vernacular tables of Southern origin.  The overall dimensions of the table is approximately 22" wide  x 28" deep x 28" high.  The construction includes pinned mortise and tenon joinery and a lightly distressed oil and wax finish.  The size, style, wood selection, and coloring can be customized to suit the customer's requirements.

Detail view showing the table top.  

The top of the table is attached directly to the aprons with wooden pins - just like the originals.

The photo below shows the table in the Distillery Manager's Assistant's Bedchamber at George Washington's Mount Vernon