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Recommendation Letter from Andrea and Greg Babich
     Andrea and Greg commissioned a set of four Hepplewhite style tables and a matching mirror for their living room .  I received this letter from Andrea after they took delivery of the set.

Andrea & Greg Babich
State College, PA

May 16, 2012

Dear David,

We can’t stop admiring our new living room furniture!  We often retire to the living
room after dinner and simply study the details in our Hepplewhite end tables and
console.  From conception to finished products, our experience working with you on
this project far exceeded our very high expectations.

After researching wood types and furniture styles, we found your website and liked
the variety and clear craftsmanship of the samples featured there.  Greg and I
especially liked the Hepplewhite end tables and decided to create an entire living
room suite based on those.  Greg had a few specifications in mind when we
approached you with this project.  Highly figured wood, single-board tabletops, and
natural stains topped our list of desirable features that simply can not be found in our
local furniture stores.  You assured Greg that you could find wood that creates an
impressive display.   In addition, you were not only able to find single boards for the
table tops but also boards that  were cut from the same tree, guaranteeing matching
color and grain patterns.

We were not disappointed when we saw the finished products!  The beauty of the
woods you used surpasses any we have seen.  The tiger maple tabletops boast
stunning honey-gold stripes while the cherry frames continue to darken to a warm
russet.  Admirers of the furniture  (all of our guests!) immediately note your attention
to detail and craftsmanship in the perfectly fitted drawers, the exquisite dovetail
joiners, and wooden peg joiners.  We love that you work to preserve authentic
design details of period pieces even when it would be easier to use modern

As much as we enjoy the furniture you built, we enjoyed working with you on this
project.  From Greg’s first conversation with you, he knew that you were a man of
integrity, skill, and creativity.  In a world where too often he’s told “you can’t do that,”
it was refreshing to find someone who gladly accepted the challenge to meet our
specifications and advise us on how to bring our vision to life.  From beginning to
end, it was a pleasure working with you, and we look forward to starting our next
project with you.

Thank you for your dedication to your craft and your accommodating manner.  We’ll
be in touch soon.


Andrea and Greg Babich