Whispering Woodworks
Recommendation Letter from Jim Fall
     Jim and his wife commissioned an Executive mahogany bookcase  to be constructed for a pair of mahogany doors that he had recovered during the restoration of an office built in the 1880's.   I received this letter from Jim after he took delivery of the piece.

James H. Fall, III
Falls Church, VA

August 5, 2002

Mr. David S. Beach
Whispering Woodworks, LLC
13961 Steed Hill Lane
Leesburg, VA 20176

Dear David,

I want you to know that since you delivered the mahogany bookcase on Saturday I have continued to marvel at the creativity, artistry, engineering and expert craftsmanship that are encompassed in this masterpiece. I look at this bookcase as one might gaze upon a valued and rare Oriental rug --- looking at new features (some hidden upon first glance), the unique design elements (that show great originality), the selection of top quality material (and the use of nature's wonderful products) and the superb execution of a craft that must involve training and dedication to achieve.

When we first started talking about this bookcase earlier this year, I had every confidence that I had finally found an engineer/artist/craftsman fully capable of taking on this demanding task. I knew that I had also found someone who had the vision and experience to improve on my initial ideas about what I thought I wanted. I give you full credit for suggesting a sound approach to the project and setting forth the final design and of course for the expert implementation.

You have created an heirloom out of nothing more that a couple of Dutch doors I had salvaged from rubbish pile almost 30 years ago. You saw through the rough condition of these doors that I brought to you to see what could be made of them. I believe few people have that talent. You built a bookcase around existing, uneven and weather damaged doors to create a beautiful piece of furniture.

I also want to thank you for the book of digital pictures and descriptions that you compiled as the project advanced. I will treasure this forever, as will those who inherit this bookcase. In the meantime I am going to show off the book and bookcase with great pleasure.

As a final thought I want to compliment you on the professionalism you showed during this project. The contract was a work of art in itself, you were always reachable, you actively sought out my advice during the planning phase and once the work began which gave me a sense of active and ongoing participation, and the bookcase was completed even before you promised.  I look forward to the next project and to learning more from you.

                                                                                                      James H. Fall, III