Whispering Woodworks

Pennsylvania Chippendale Blanket Chest
This blanket chest was constructed from solid walnut and is based on the style of blanket chests built in several Pennsylvania counties in the 18th century by German cabinetmakers.  This piece measures 52" wide, 28" tall and 23" deep. The boards for this chest come from a matched set of walnut boards (some as wide as 24") and are joined with hand cut dovetails.  The lid is a single wide board with beautiful grain patterns.  The three drawers are made from a matched set of walnut crotch boards with curly maple sides and backs. The main chest and drawers all feature reproduction locks and solid brass reproduction hardware. The lid hinges on a pair of hand forged reproduction hinges and an interior till (storage box) can be used as a lid support. The bottom of the main chest and the panel below the drawers are built from aromatic cedar for natural protection from insects.

Matched set of solid walnut boards used for the chest -  52" wide, 28" tall and 23" deep
The bottom of the main chest and the lower dust boards are constructed from aromatic cedar to provide a wonderful aroma and natural protection from insects.
The corners of the chest feature hand cut dovetail construction.
The lipped drawer fronts are made from a pair of crotch walnut boards - drawer sides are solid tiger maple. Drawers feature hand cut dovetails and solid poplar bottoms.
Interior till (storage box) for additional storage.
The solid brass reproduction hardware and hand forged iron hinges.
The chest is available with and without the bottom drawers.
The piece is finished with multiple coats of shellac, waxed and rubbed to a satin patina.

Detail views of drawers and hand forger hinges

Many Types and Styles of Blanket Chests are available - Please inquire.