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Customer Comments

The following comments have been gathered from various customers about some of the pieces I have built for them.  I chose only to use their first names in the interest of privacy.

Local and National Newspaper Articles about Whispering Woodworks

Letter of Recommendation from Jim Fall
Jim, Virginia - Executive Bookcase

Letter of Recommendation from John Holley
John, Virginia - Shaker Blanket Chest

Letter of Recommendation from Leslie & Jim Halloran
Leslie & Jim, Ohio - Dining Room Set

Letter of Recommendation from Andrea and Greg Babich
Andrea and Greg, PA - Living Room Table Set

"Thank you again for the rocking chair. It really Rocks! Difficult to get Deb out of it as the rocker is now the family favorite!
Looking forward to ordering my rocker & blanket chest later this year!"
Jay & Deb, Va - Cherry Rocking Chair

"Many thanks for all of your help with the distillery furnishing project at Mount Vernon. I certainly could not have pulled it off without your expertise
and willingness to work with our quick timeline. Thank you for your very thoughtful research into the kinds of tables appropriate for our distillery –
 it was a great learning experience for me and I've made sure your references are in our files for the future.
The tables are beautiful pieces of workmanship and I am pleased we have such accurate furnishings on display for our visitors.
Please feel free to pass along my contact information as a reference. I am attaching some images of your tables on display at the distillery.
Hopefully you'll get a chance to visit and see them in person! As discussed, you'll see one in the distiller’s chamber and the other in the assistant’s chamber.
It was a great pleasure working with you. Please don't be a stranger –  I'm sure our paths will cross again.
Gretchen- Associate Curator- George Washington's Mount Vernon - Distillery Tables

"It is one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture in the house.
It occupies the premiere location in the library."
David, Virginia - Bertholdi Desk

"We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the cherry farm table.  It
is a beautiful, sturdy piece of furniture made from the highest quality
materials with the finest craftsmanship.  The table is the perfect
complement to our set of antique chairs.  We are very impressed that you
were able to make the table with turned legs that match the turned legs on our
chairs so precisely.  The finish on the table is just right - it is a
gorgeous golden color that enhances the natural beauty and grain of the
cherry and coordinates wonderfully with the finish on our chairs.  The
table has the character and period construction techniques of an antique -
yet none of the wear and tear and fragility that are so often inherent in
genuine antiques.  Thanks for doing such a good job!"
Lynne and David, Virginia - Cherry Farm Table

"The Jefferson lap desk arrived this past Friday.  It is a welcome addition to my daily
work of reading and writing, both superbly built and beautifully designed for portability
and functionality.  I have worked with several slant boards over the years, and I like them all.
The Jefferson desk, though, is the most intimate, adaptable, and accommodating.
 I trust it will be in my family for years to come."
Chris, Minnesota - Thomas Jefferson Lap Desk

"It was great working with you, Dave! The bed is perfect, and I am really impressed
that you were able to build (and even improve) on the vision I had of what I wanted."
Kay, Virginia - Raised Panel Bed

"The mantel perfectly matches the room's mahogany paneling, echoes the
heavy crown molding and is a beautiful, elegant addition to our family room."
Jessica, Virginia - Fireplace Mantel

"The coffee table you made for us is breathtaking! All of our guests comment on its
beauty and craftsmanship.  It suffices to say, WE LOVE IT!"
Rich & Aindrea, Pennsylvania - Shaker Coffee Table

"The desk was here when I came home tonight. You packed it well and it arrived in perfect condition.   
I used it to write a few lines and then a letter. Finding the most comfortable position is going to take a few days,
but it's fun to explore all the possibilities. The most unexpected and
interesting discovery I made was the wonderful firmness of the wood surface - it's a real,
solid presence that feels alive. The workmanship and quality of the lap desk are great.
I was especially impressed that you finished the interior of the box. That attention to detail is
the work of a craftsman who truly cares about his work. Thanks again for the desk.
You've been a pleasure to work with and I'd recommend you to anyone who has a
custom project in mind."
Margaret, Oregon - Thomas Jefferson Lap Desk

"The desk is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous."
Charlotte, Florida - Bertholdi Desk

"The hutch is beautiful and we have already received several compliments from our guests.
 We plan to engage you again on other projects."
Lee & Mike, Virginia - Antique Pine Hutch

"Received the Thomas Jefferson desk this weekend and must say it exceeded my
expectations (very high) in every way.  The craftsmanship is truly outstanding and your service is exceptional.
 I won't hesitate to call upon you again for your outstanding products and service.
Thank you so much.  It was a pleasure doing business with you."
Lowell, New Mexico - Thomas Jefferson Lap Desk

"The cabinet arrived safe and sound this morning.  It looks awesome.  We are very pleased.  
All the electronics and CDs are in.  It fits perfectly.  We love it.  
Again, thanks for your hard work and feel free to use us as a reference."
Wendy & Doug, Florida - TV Corner Cabinet

"The desk arrived safely yesterday afternoon. It looks great and is sturdy and comfortable.  
Thanks for your great work. You are a real craftsman!"
T. F., Tennessee - Bertholdi Desk and Stool

"Dave, thank you so much for the really wonderful table you made for us.  
We enjoy it more each day.  It's beautiful to look at and incredibly practical.  
Who could ask for anything more?  Also, Emory and I both appreciated the
personal delivery and enjoyed meeting you and your dad.  If you ever need us
for a reference, we would be delighted to comply.  Best regards."
Beverly & Emory, New York - Cherry Farm Table

"Many thanks for visiting us on Saturday and bringing the completed chest. It is a work of art.
I want you to know that we have studied this piece in all its detail. The wonderful grain patterns
 that you have preserved across the front, back and top and the absolutely rare piece of walnut
 that now makes the lid all are extra special to us. Each detail shows rare and unique hardworking talent from a
master craftsman and artist. Also Marsha and I both feel the added touch of incorporating the burl walnut
 in the lift-out box is a feature that truly makes this a special addition to our home.
 The fine detail on all the joinery work merits study each time I look at the chest. One thing I notice on Sunday morning
 was that natural light striking the front and side of the chest at an oblique angle makes the carved features
appear very much in relief and deeply detailed. Thanks again. I am already thinking about a new project for the coming months."
Jim & Marsha, Virginia - Anatolian Hall Chest

"We got it today.  It looks wonderful.  I cannot thank you enough.  It truly
exceeds our expectations (no negative comment on you).  As we require other
furniture, I will surely get in touch with you.  You did an excellent job. If you need
to use me as a reference or if you want to use this review, feel free.  Thanks again David."
   Aaron, New Hampshire - Shaker Stereo Cabinet

"I picked up the desk this morning and it was in perfect condition. What a cool item!
In particular how light weight it is. I am off to show it off immediately!  
Thanks again and I do look forward perhaps to another project."
TJ, New Hampshire - Thomas Jefferson Lap Desk

"Please feel free to use me as a reference. I love this table! It's beautiful, a piece of art.
Well worth the wait and the money, considering what places like Crate and Barrel, etc... charge for tables with not even one tenth of the quality.
  I will keep you in mind for anything else I need.
I'll also recommend you to everyone I know."
Michele, DC - Shaker Kitchen Table

The desks arrived this morning in great shape.  They are beautiful and I think their recipients
will be well pleased.  The booklet you added increases the understanding of the history,
construction, and thus enjoyment, of the desks.  I feel very lucky to have "found" you.
Doing business with you has been pleasure from beginning to end,
and I would look forward to working with you again should the opportunity arise.  
Your speedy responses are particularly appreciated.
Charlotte, Nebraska - Thomas Jefferson Lap Desks

"Thanks again for delivering the beautiful corner cabinet. Marsha and I are totally pleased.
We have been admiring your craftsmanship and artistic work for the last two days.
We've moved things around in the family room so that the cabinet is unimpeded by any other furniture.  
Thanks again for the special touches on the corner cabinet. We can see that you spent extra time making this piece special.
The small box in the secret compartment is a work of art."
Jim & Marsha, Virginia - Pennsylvania Corner Cabinet

"My wife is absolutely delighted with her new Jefferson Lap Desk, using it almost daily in her studies. When not in active use it is a lovely book stand.
 In either case it’s an elegant yet modest symbol of the Great American Experiment - reminding us in these troubled times that although our
Republic is not perfect we must nonetheless continue to strive toward high ideals.
In simpler words, we love it! Thanks for your terrific handiwork and professional service.
I'm sure this will become a family heirloom that we will treasure just as the nation treasures the original article.
Dan, Illinois - Thomas Jefferson Lap Desk

"Our Shaker-style TV cabinet arrived as scheduled.  It is beautiful!  We love it.  Thank you for working with us to create this piece.  
It fits perfectly in the our room and all the components are in place.  Excellent wire management.
 Definitely a centerpiece in our house and we have already had several admiring comments.  
We highly recommend you and will definitely be in touch for more projects.  Thanks again for an easy, trustworthy deal over the Internet."
 Ross and Debbie, Texas - Shaker TV Cabinet

"The bed arrived on Thursday, safe and sound.  A co-worker helped me assemble it under the premise that it would be a complicated task
 (the video you sent made it a very easy assembly, in fact), but being a woodworker himself, I think he just wanted to check out your work.
 You received accolades from him on the quality of the cherry used and the uncompromising craftsmanship.
       All I know is that it has exceeded all of my expectations.  Your eye for detail, especially with the hand-carved shell on the headboard is outstanding.
  It will be a cherished heirloom for generations to come, but until then, I'm going to enjoy it fully!
     Expect to hear from me again about other projects I'll want done.  Maybe some beautiful bedside tables ....?  
Thanks again, Dave, its been a real pleasure to work with you."                                                                         
          Tammy, Minnesota - Pencil Post Bed

"The shaker bench you made for us arrived today. We are very pleased with it.
The design and craftsmanship are outstanding. The finish is smooth and rich in color -- just beautiful.
The bench matches our foyer table perfectly. Many thanks for taking on this project. Just thought you might like to know that the bench nicely
doubles as a chair-side table when extra guests arrive. We found that out last Christmas, when some unexpected guests arrived,
and we brought extra chairs into the living room. Needing to provide a place for their beverage glasses,
 we brought the bench into the living room and located it between two chairs, added a festive candle
 and some coasters, and voila!  A table!   We certainly have enjoyed the bench.
Thanks again for working with us!"
Margaret, Virginia - Shaker Bench

"The bed is wonderful!!!!!! We are very happy with it.
I hope the picture you took of our bed came out, because it really is beautiful!"
Karen & Mitch, Maryland - Low Post Bed

" I just wanted to tell you that the more I look at the bookcase, the more I love it and
 think that you did a magnificent job. You're a talented guy.  The capitals are really amazing.
 I hope you sell lots of them.  
Guy, Virginia - Neoclassical Mahogany Bookcase

"The reproduction cherry mirror is beautiful, just what we wanted for years but could not find elsewhere.
Thank you for your superb craftsmanship and your courtesy in dealing with us."
 John and Ilene, Virginia - Cherry Wall Mirror

"Thanks for everything!  The pieces look great together."
Chip, Washington DC - Mission Office Furniture Set

"The curly cherry Shaker table is just beautiful!  Thanks for customizing the dimensions to fit a small space.
It is a beautifully crafted piece which will certainly become a family heirloom!  Thanks again!"
Sofia, Virginia - Shaker Kitchen Table

"Words cannot begin to express how remarkable David Beach's work is!
He meticulously reproduced my grandfather's mahogany post bed down to the smallest detail.
 I was truly awed and  genuinely moved by the thoughtfulness and sense of humility with which he undertook and completed this project.
His love of his work is plainly evident in every piece he creates. I will cherish this bed the rest of my life.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart."
Ronald, Maryland - Carved Mahogany Bed

"Thank you for the shipping information - - the desk has arrived, and it is in fine condition.  
As a person who occasionally works with wood, I appreciate high quality craftsmanship.
 I have made a few chests (one, an entertainment center) myself and even a viola which some local professional players have offered to buy,
so I have a sense about what is good. Your work is better than good,
and I would recommend you to any potential customer. Best wishes, Norman Zoller
Norman, Georgia - Thomas Jefferson Lap Desk

" I thought that I would let you know that the bed assembly went without a hitch.
The mattress fits just right.  We are extremely pleased, it is both beautiful and functional."
Tom, Virginia - Sheraton Field Bed

"WOW!  It is absolutely beautiful! Just STUNNING! Everyone LOVES it!  
Again, this will be used in our production of 1776...and we shall provide a credit for you with all the relevant details.
 We are slated to appear/perform for the 4th Fest (its a huge affair with some 100,000 people!).
Our plan is to display the July desk at our "booth" manned by John and Abigail Adams (in character and costume) and Jefferson, of course.
We will, again, provide your details here as well.  AND, before the rush hits you from this publicity (welcomed by you, perhaps?!?)...we would like to order an addition
desk for a September delivery, if possible...we have been asked to revive 1776 in the fall!  Again, this is a treasure; well built with care and detail!
I appreciate good quality workmanship, and this defines that!....AND throw in the history....incredible!"
David - Pennsylvania State University - Thomas Jefferson Lap Desks

I just wanted you to know that I received the Thomas Jefferson Lap Desk today, and all I can say is WOW !!!  
The color of the Mahogany is AWESOME, and your craftmanship exceeded any expectation that I could have imagined...
your pictures did not do this Lap Desk justice...the quality of this piece really left me speechless.
 I love American History and I feel a little closer to our Founding Fathers because of this incredible piece, which I look forward to actually using...
all I can say is it was definitely worth the wait and THANK YOU !!!!
Lee, North Carolina - Thomas Jefferson Desk