Whispering Woodworks

Chippendale Dining Table
This Chippendale style dining table was modeled after several tables which were built in the Williamsburg Virginia area in the late 18th century.  Although the ball and claw foot style is typically identified with the Chippendale period, this table could be considered a transitional piece  (late Queen Anne / Early Chippendale) - fitting in very well with either Queen Anne or Chippendale pieces.  
The table is constructed of solid curly cherry with hand carved ball and claw feet and carved shells on the knees.  The overall size of this table was 96" x 42" to provide comfortable seating for 8 - 10 people.  To ensure accurate period construction and details, the top of this table was built from a three board matched set  (three boards cut sequentially from the same log for excellent color and grain matching).  This represents a significant difference from readily available tables - the boards in this top were 12 - 14" wide on average with beautiful coloring and grain patterns. The corners of the top were shaped in a 'tombstone' style which involves extensive hand carving on the interiors of the shape.

Hand carved ball and claw legs with carved shell detail at the knee
Legs jointed to apron with pinned mortise and tenon joints.
Thumbnail table edge profile with tombstone shaped corners.
Table edge profile and shape of top can be selected from many styles.
Table can be stained or left in a natural color.
Finished with hand rubbed varnish, buffed and waxed to a satiny sheen.

The table size, style, wood selection, and coloring can be customized to suit the customer's requirements.  

Detail views of the three board top and hand carved leg

Detail Views of the ball and claw foot and shell carving on the knee

Detail Views of the Tombstone Corners